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Competence Using Auto Repair Software for German Cars Is a Must

German cars today are so complex that repair shops need to have and be adept at using the latest computer software. Although the physical part of working on a car hasn’t changed, if your technician does not use a computer for diagnosis, he’ll be stuck using the old fashioned shotgun approach. Thus, he might perform the wrong repair or install parts that don’t need replacing. Also, he’ll miss software updates that may contain enhancements that will help your car run better.

Two Examples of How Essential Computer Software Is for German-made Vehicles

  1. On Mercedes, you must disarm the brake system with the computer or you can’t work on the brakes.
  2. On Porche Cayenne, you need to disable the self- leveling system before you can even put the vehicle on the rack.


Independent technicians must periodically go through classes put on by suppliers. There, technicians learn how to analyze each program to diagnose problems.

In addition, there are on-line programs that help solve problems. For example, paying for access to the Independent Auto Repair Facility website enables mechanics to search databases full of details on known fixes for specific vehicle problems.

Many Repair Shop Owners and Techs Are Not Computer Software Literate

Unfortunately, there are still many repair shop owners who reject attending classes, refuse to buy the latest computer equipment, and, as a result, sometimes do unnecessary repairs. Thus, before you schedule a repair, ask the repair shop owner:

  1. What resources they have to diagnose your vehicle’s problem.
  2. Whether they have the latest software to diagnose your make and model vehicle.
  3. If they belong to an online vehicle repair resource program that covers your make and model.
  4. If the technicians frequently attend continuing education classes.

For all German vehicles, SCV German Car Service easily passes this test.

Maintenance Tip: Fuel Additives

There are no magic pills that will increase gas mileage. Crystals and magnets, for example, will not do anything but take your money. The product that can help is STP with Techron®. This additive cleans your vehicle’s injection system as soon as it runs through the system. Thus, your vehicle will run more efficiently. You will only need to add STP about once every six months.

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