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Rebuilt Parts

When is it sensible to buy rebuilt parts?

NEVER! If a factory water pump lasts 100,000 miles, and you purchase an “after-market”, or rebuilt pump, it will probably last 30,000 miles, or one-third of the original’s.

You can, in fact, buy good quality parts without ever going to a dealer. In certain situations, you may have to trust your repair facility to make the right choice for the optimum quality. Like most merchandise, you get what you pay for. For example, there are different choices when buying a transmission. Obviously a junk yard

transmission is fraught with potential problems.

Next is the rebuilt transmission, where only parts that have been damaged are replaced. This is still problematic. If you want a cost effective alternative to a new one, the safest bet is a re-manufactured transmission. This is because the working components will have been measured and any that fail to meet factory specifications will have been replaced. Re-manufacturers’ parts also have decent warranties. An example would be a 3-year, 30,000 mile warranty on a transmission.

Maintenance Tip: Proper Maintenance

With proper maintenance, most engines will go 200,000 miles. Make sure you change the oil and filter, belts, air filter and spark plugs as required.

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