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Our Pledge to Our Customers

We promise you will:

  • Receive a thorough, easy-to-understand explanation of what’s wrong with you car and what it will take to fix it.
  • Receive an accurate, fair estimate prior to agreeing on repairs.
  • Be kept informed concerning the progress of your repairs.
  • Have all major repairs completed


Is your car not running right?
Has your warning light come on?

It’s time to visit a repair shop

But can be sure you will choose the right shop… one deserving of your trust? This means a repair shop that:

  • is expert at diagnosing and fixing your car
  • communicates openly and honestly,
  • makes it easy to understand you vehicle’s issues, and
  • is sensitive to your budget situation.

You probably prefer doing business with a shop whose owner aspires to make you a long-term customer, and desires for you to be so delighted with their service you will repetitively voice your appreciation to other German car owners.

Over the 30 years I have owned German auto repair shops, I have heard dozens of stories from customers who had negative experiences with the repair shops they had previously used. Most repair shop owners understand that, to be successful, they need to treat their customers with respect and always do their best to provide quality repairs. Yet, not every shop owner is competent, not all competent shop owners have capable staff, and many shop owners are not proficient enough at running a business. These can adversely affect the consistency of the quality of your repairs.

So, how do you choose the right German auto repair shop?
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Tom Fahrenholz


Tom Fahrenholz was trained in the traditional German apprenticeship program and opened Gran Sport, his first business, in Manhattan Beach in 1987. After moving to Santa Clarita in 2003, he operated German Auto Specialist. His business rapidly grew, which lead him to move to a larger building on Centre Pointe Parkway. Tom remained there until the building he was in was sold and he was unable to renew his lease. He then found a great building on Sierra Hwy where SCV German Car Service is located today.

In 2014, SCV German Car Service became one of only two Bosch certified shops in the SCV. This allows us to have access to the same information dealers have that other independent shops do not… a major competitive advantage of our shop.

Our location is easy to reach You’ll find our shop clean and bright with a comfortable waiting area that offers free wife, cable TV, snacks, and air conditioning.

Tip: Dealers vs. Independent Repair Shops for German Autos

Most dealership technicians do not want to work on cars more than three years old. This is because technology significantly changes each year. Newer technicians lack adequate training on older vehicles, while veteran techs have had to concentrate so much on newer car software that they tend to forget their training on older cars. Thus, they often have trouble diagnosing vehicles more than three years old. So, if your car is more than three, our advice is search for an independent repair shop with experience working on the make and model of your car. Read more…